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Bryar brings our favorite duo a leg found in a tiger shark that washed up on shore.

What the- what kind of non-sharky fish eats whole heads? The victim was thrown, alive, to the sharks after being stabbed by something.

Stephanie: For thin people who....let's say they appreciate people my size.

[Wyatt and Sweets shake their heads] You would've ran too.

I know she’s written to be annoying, but every time I see her at the beginning of the show I sigh in frustration. Nigel-Murray is gon …(As an aside, Nigel-Murray was annoying, too, but he didn’t bug me like Daisy does.

She’s like one of those little yap-yap dogs from the cartoons jumping around all bubbly.

In episode 9 of this season, Bones worked on the case of a doctor who seemingly lived a life dedicated to her work. The case rattled Brennan because she saw herself in the victim.

Brennan slyly admits that Hacker asked her out to a play, but she thinks that’s just his code word for sex. The slow dance was one thing, but stop and think for a minute, lady!

They identify him as Jazz Gunn, a motivational speaker who claimed to be cured of a spinal injury after swimming with sharks.

In actuality, Brennan discovers that he was cured by a mad scientist-worthy surgery involving shark embryos. When Brennan discovers that Gunn was really getting therapeutic surgery in Brazil rather than swimming with sharks, the trail leads to a schoolteacher accompanying her students to a field trip at the aquarium the night of the murder. Can someone please explain to me how guys can move on so quickly from one woman to the next?

usually has catchy tunes playing on its soundtrack every week but if there’s one song to convey season six’s entire arc, it’d have to be David Bowie’s “Changes,” because that’s exactly what almost every character experienced this past year.

Maybe the creators had that earworm, too, because the season finale was titled “The Change in the Game.” Watch here at Fox if you haven't seen it yet, because we're to discuss it. The season began with FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Dr.

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I mean, you're old but I'm still–– [Booth stands up and eyeballs him] [hands file over to Booth]Sweets: Perhaps he's a double agent. They're usually intelligent male officers, who had poor father figures resulting in repressed anger and revenge fantasies. [Brennan makes a face] Well, yeah, but it's -- it's a little weird. You're really loaded, and you still don't even have a flat screen.