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These powerful quotes have been moved here from the original quotes collection which includes less serious sayings, maxims, and examples of amusing language of various sorts.You will have seen some of famous quotes below before but perhaps not known the origins and authors.thats bizarre,this is a brilliant directed and with some superb performances.especially from Andy Garcia.Im an Asian so it is understandable that most film goers are unaware of this movie as this brand of movies are less popular here and they do not get that much publicity,but what about other places? Because i strongly feel this movie deserves a much lager audience base.Andy Garcia's character can be heard yelling the name "Manny" when addressing the stunt coordinator on the set of the film within a film; in the real film (City Island), Manny Siverio is the Stunt Coordinator.See more » I really wonder why is this movie so less known,i mean only 800 odd votes!

Please note that where quotes on this page refer to 'man' or 'men' this is not intended to be discriminatory, and where appropriate you should use a similar explanation when using quotes which could give such an impression.In the end, I had to agree with the reviewers here on IMDb, that this movie stinks. It's also one of those films that starts off okay, lures you in, and then deteriorates.With 40 minutes to go in the two-hour film, you're ready to walk out but since you've invested 80 minutes you figure, "I might as well see it through the end." The last half hour then becomes like a session at the dentist's office in which you can't wait for the experience to be over.She had also been chosen to take part in a photo shoot for photo shoot.By the age of 19, Samantha had become an essential drawcard at Australian Fashion Week, appearing for 18 designers including Lisa Ho, Camilla, Dion Lee, Rachel Gilbert and Alex Perry.

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Australia has evidence of what works in achieving good outcomes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs and reconciliation.

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