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Meanwhile, Ahn Sohee recently signed an exclusive contract with Key East Entertainment to further her acting career after leaving BH Entertainment, while Kim Soo Hyun is preparing to film his new action thriller film ‘Real’ which will greet viewers in 2016.

UPDATE: Key East has checked with both and they've said is groundless rumors. source: via theseoulstory, thariamon They denied it. She could do better considering his comments he made in the past (I can't link to the receipts atm as am at work) I didn't even know she joined Key East though.

The rumor started when the 27-year-old actor allegedly encouraged the 23-year-old singer-actress to join Key East Entertainment where he is currently signed in as an artist.

KDrama Stars reported that Ahn was confused where she should go after ending her contract with JYP Entertainment and Kim recommended his company handler.“Sohee thought a lot about where to go for her acting career.

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She is definitely in the league of good actress that deserve it.

Meanwhile, Sohee is confident that Key East Entertainment will help her crossover into acting, following her successful years as a Kpop idol.

Sohee has starred in movies like "Some Like It Hot 'tv N' Heart to Heart." Sohee recently finished and released a new movie called "Busan," according to Naver TV.

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Key East Entertainment stated on October 19th, “The rumors of them being in a relationship are unfounded.” Media outlets had reported that Kim Soo Hyun and Ahn So Hee had been dating for about a year, and that they would usually date in Sohee’s apartment in Yongsan.