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[Chorus] (Mya) So what you wanna do A girl like me, a guy like you What we could do It's whatever baby anything that we want to Will i fall for a thug like you [Verse 1] (Silkk) Could you see yourself fallin for somebody like me and um In fact if you could I got money now Can you see yourself if you had to move back up in the hood Now during sex lay there i'ma have to ask if it's good This rap stuff stressful let's go see if we can relax in the woods When i first met you at the bus stop lookin all shy-like Tellin your friend how much that you hated my type But I'm ready to change I'm willin to put the game on it, put the range on it Put powerful things on it Sooner or later probably have tattos with my name on it Now look i like to live fast, addicted to cash, the 45 on the dash And you know me, if you know me, o.g.

He was raised in the Calliope Projects, a housing project which is located in the 3rd Ward of Uptown New Orleans, along with his two brothers Percy "Master P" Miller, Corey "C-Murder" Miller and two other siblings brother Kevin & sister Germaine Miller.Not to say that they didn’t have their share of success, but c’mon, where are they now?, the future looked incredibly bright for the Korean and African American singer.He originally went under the stage name Silkk, but later adopted The Shocker after the release of his first album & successful releases from No Limit Records in the late '90s and early 2000s.He has now a signed partnership with his brother Master P & his nephew Romeo Miller label No Limit Forever.

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She had a different look, a different voice, and a great personality.

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