Gui updating framebuffer

Posted by / 21-Jun-2020 15:55

Gui updating framebuffer

Shaders are available because Open GL 2.1 is supported.

VBOs are available because Open GL 1.5 is supported.

Without it, it just cut about 20% of the right side and it wasn't overscan. Just like you I have 2.8 pi TFT display and I am trying to switch it over to HDMI output for now and then switch again to the Pi TFT display.

No matter what I do Rasberry PI only sends the output to the Pi TFT display not the monitor.

Anisotropic filtering is supported and maximum anisotropy is 16.

Then in hdmi_mode, you can select the resolution you want from the list.

I chose :- hdmi_group=2 hdmi_mode=23 And it worked.

The mini-map is arguably one of the most important things in pretty much any video game out there that consists of it.

The reason it’s so crucial is that it allows players to get a ton of information about their surroundings and about the place they’re in with a simple glance.

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I got my 2.8 pitft display successfully working on my raspberry pi, but now I need to switch it over to HDMI output on the monitor temporarily and then switch it back to Pitft display. After uncommenting disable_overscan=1 follow my lead. In the link, when you search for Video options, you'll also get hdmi_group and hdmi_mode.

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