Eminem dating a new mystery woman

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Eminem dating a new mystery woman

Then came “M&M,” later Eminem, the silver-tongued outcast who forsook fitting in with his white suburban classmates to concentrate on breaking into Detroit’s overwhelmingly black rap scene.Finally, and most furiously, came Slim Shady, the vile, rhyme-sayin’, bitch-slayin’ MC out to even every score run up against his other selves.His 1999 album, “The Slim Shady LP,” introduced the world to an implacable bleached-blond rapper who shot out his rhymes machine-gun style. MTV declared a weekend of “Em TV”; at the same time, some critics and gay groups began to take issue with the rank misogyny and homophobia permeating the album.Eminem’s defenders — and Eminem himself — say it’s the Slim Shady character, not Mathers, who is the album’s real culprit.We were able to snag some tweets and photos from this feed before it was taken down.

Freud would have a field day with Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Like a hip hop Anastasia, numerous people claiming to be the princess of white rap have popped up on social media over the years.

A year ago we presented you with our Hailie case file, laying out the pieces of the puzzle and trying to distinguish fact from hoax.

But now, it looks like the mystery is Then in March of 2011, a young woman made headlines for posing as Em’s lil girl on Twitter, before his management debunked the imposter.

Which makes sense considering the fact that she looks NOTHING like the girl in the above photo.

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But whether this is a serious relationship for her or just a fling, she’s still not letting it distract her from achieving her goals.