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David deangelo interviews with dating gurus sherrie ross

Cuba is only 90 miles away from one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the United States.

The vast majority of Americans cannot travel to the historic island to sample the history, culture, and, the beauty.

Let's take a virtual trip to Havana and along the historic ., These are new pictures from Flickr user Sensi1 whose photo stream of some 400 images capture some of the many beauties of the Cuban capital. Cuba's tropical climate has preserved much of the island's distinctive architecture, such as the Spanish colonial style, and the iconic Cuban art deco, which flourished from the 1920s to the 1940s.

Flickr user Julie Giles finds a rainbow flag and a penthouse garden in a modest Havana apartment building. Several police officers posed for photos in this set, and, across Flickr, there are numerous images of Cuban police officers and soldiers.

Their art, as well as other artists, are featured in a new exhibit, at Florida Atlantic University.

Rod Hagwood at The Sun Sentinel: "The photo panels highlight writers such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston; singers Ethel Waters, Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith; dancer Josephine Baker; comedian Jackie "Moms" Mabley and many others who populated the north Manhattan neighborhood during an era "when the Negro was in vogue," as Hughes once said.

And this is how I’m going to make this happen for you: Again, I’ve gone OVERBOARD with building a system anyone can literally get rolling and start getting dates and an abundance of women in their lives But for those who are TRULY looking to amp up their learning and want to get FASTER AND BETTER RESULTS, you just have to see it in action, and here’s what I’ve prepared for you You get everything the KILOBYTE level has, PLUS: I will reveal to you the new things I am currently working on that are not included in The Program as they are in the beta version.

Here’s what to expect at the Live Event: New Online Game Technology Live Breakdown of Profiles and How To Improve Them New Stories & Adventures Since the release of The Program And much, much more…And even if you can’t attend, we will be recording it and sending it all our members at this level.

According to the preeminent African-American historian Henry Louis Gates, the Harlem Renaissance, as it was later known, was “surely as gay as it was black, not that it was exclusively either of these.” Many artists of the Renaissance were subtle, but others such as writer Langston Hughes (below) and singer Bessie Smith referred to same-sex attractions in their work.This is the stuff no one talks about and always end up leveling up more than a few notches and closing like crazy.You do NOT want to miss this…After going through The Program, you’ll be armed to your teeth with concepts and game technology to get girls to meet out with you for the purposes of sex.Every month David De Angelo interviews a different dating guru and edits the recording to a tightly focused CD.It offers different perspectives to open your mind to the possibilities that are out there.

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The editorial is lensed by fashion and celebrity photographer Cliff Watts.