Canadian dating traditions

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Canadian dating traditions

Most Canadian customs and rituals are largely inspired by Christian-European tradition, but many are currently uniquely North American.Canadians are not excessively superstitious, but do have a reasonable amount of customs involving omens of bad and good luck.A conventional white wedding dress, purchased specifically for the occasion, is still the most popular choice of Canadian brides.The custom of wearing white started in the Victorian Era and symbolized purity.A section of the country westward from the Great Lakes basin along the southern extent of this forest region is a prairie made up mostly of flat grasslands (in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta).The westernmost portion of the country is dominated by the Rocky Mountains, with a narrow riverine environment, made up of northern rain forests, west of the mountains (in the province of British Columbia).It is considered good luck for brides to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” The tradition originated from an old English rhyme.

This forest region extends across the entire country from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains through to the Atlantic coast, and is dominated by coniferous trees.With a large number of immigrants, there are many regions in the country with different adaptations of the different nationalities that have called Canada home.This has resulted to a diverse and multicultural nation that has made Canada a welcoming country - welcoming of any religion and any nationality - making it a favorite place to migrate to by individuals from different countries all over the world.Common traditions and etiquette include: Art and Architecture There is no distinct style or preference of Canadian art but most of their artists create pieces influenced by French and British styles.Popular painters in the past include Paul Kane, David Mine, and Cornelius Krieghoff - who often depicted landscapes and the Canadian wilderness.

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Canada is known worldwide as a multicultural country with a vast range of cultural influences that create its distinct range of customs and traditions.

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